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Medical Director Lauds Medical Indigent Fund Committee: Unveils Promotional Materials

Medical Indigent Fund Committee with The Medical Director
The Medical Director with some members of the Medical Indigent Fund Committee

The Medical Director of Federal Medical Centre Abuja Prof. Saad Ahmed in his situational leadership style today 13th November 2023 received the Medical Indigent Fund Committee led by the Chairman in person of the Deputy Head of Clinical Services (Research and Training) Dr Bioku Muftau.

The Medical Indigent Fund Committee during the visit provided an update on the committee’s activities and unveiled the official jacket and other publication materials aimed at intensifying awareness of the committee’s existence and mission. This initiative aims to promote the committee and bolster its donation collection drive to facilitate the achievement of its noble goals.

Under the leadership of the Chairman Dr. Bioku Muftau, the Medical Indigent Fund Committee has been tirelessly working towards ensuring access to quality medical care for indigent individuals. By providing financial support for medical treatments and procedures, the committee has been instrumental in transforming lives and alleviating the burdens faced by those in need.

During the visit, the committee expressed their gratitude to the Medical Director, Prof. Saad Ahmad, for his unwavering support and cooperation in their endeavor. The Medical Director lauded the committee’s efforts and emphasized the importance of their mission, highlighting the positive impact it has made on the lives of countless patients.

In an effort to increase public knowledge and garner support for their cause, the Medical Director proudly unveiled the Medical Indigent Fund Committee official jacket and other publication materials. The materials are intended to raise awareness and promote the significance of the committee’s work. By wearing the official jacket, committee members aim to be identifiable ambassadors of the Medical Indigent Fund, sparking conversations and encouraging others to contribute towards their donation drive.

Dr. Bioku, Chairman of the Medical Indigent Fund Committee, expressed his sincere appreciation to all the committee members, volunteers, and generous donors who have contributed to the success of their fundraising efforts. He emphasized the critical role that donations play in their ability to offer financial assistance to the medically indigent, and he extended an invitation to the public to join hands in supporting this noble cause.

The Medical Indigent Fund Committee is resolute in its commitment to serving the community and partnering with relevant stakeholders to attain its ambitious goals. With the unveiling of their official jacket and publication materials, they are determined to intensify awareness, boost their donation collection drive, and make a significant impact on the lives of those in need.

For more information on the committee’s activities, ways to donate, and partnership opportunities, kindly Call this number: 08090940821, 08069190878

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