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Prof Saad Ahmed, Medical Director Federal Medical Centre Abuja

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (ABU) Awards Prof Saad Ahmed

Vision is a mental content of a leader, and every leader or an individual is his or her vision. Thus, visionary leaders hold a crystalline image in mind of what they want to make happen. The above expression gives a picture of an Icon that is second to none in his leadership style, intellectual strength, and influential power cutting across different spheres.

This special Icon in person of the Medical Director FMC Abuja Prof. Saad Ahmed has again written his name on the sands of time as he bagged an award as ‘The Most Cited Staff of the Year – Faculty and Centers of Basic Clinical Sciences’ of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU Zaria) for his outstanding contributions to the objectives of the University, the Nation, and International developments.

Prof. Saad Ahmed is among the 117 awardees being honoured by the prestigious University.

The awardees were carefully selected based on the recommendation by the University Reward and Recognition System Committee.

Congratulations to a leader that has transformed Federal Medical Centre Abuja into a Medical Tourist Centre in Nigeria.

Obadiah N.K Gana
Public Relations Officer

Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) visits Federal Medical Centre Abuja

Owing to the global recognition Federal Medical Centre Abuja has recorded overtime as a result of her excellent healthcare services and good leadership, one of her supporting partners visited the Centre today 22nd of January 2024. The visitors comprising three bodies namely Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), Country Coordinating Mechanism of Nigeria and Federal Ministry of Health registered their presence in hospital to assess global fund initiative projects which the facility is a beneficiary.

The Medical Director Prof. Saad Ahmed was ably represented by the Head of Clinical Services Dr. Joseph Eziechila in company of the Top Management Committee members and other staff.
Briefly in his words of welcome, Dr Eziechila received the visitors with great delight with accompanied appreciation tone for the massive support availed the hospital by (CHAI. He assured the team that the Management of FMC Abuja led by the Medical Director Prof Saad Ahmed will adequately explore all supports received for the benefits of the patients.

The leader of the team in person of Maria Kirova in her response thanked the Management for the excellent healthcare services the hospital is known for, according to her, it is really amazing seeing great things FMC Abuja is doing, and if we need to go far, the need for team work can never be overemphasized. She assured the hospital of their continuous readiness to work with FMC Abuja and also sustain it for the future.

Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) is currently supporting the hospital in the area of increasing and easy access to oxygen through piping of the Clinical wards.

The meeting was concluded with a tour round the facility.

Obadiah N.K Gana
Public Relations Officer

Anaesthesia Department holds a 1 Day Airway management and Basic Life Support workshop for all the House officers

In a bid to improve practical skills in Airway management for efficient healthcare delivery, the Management of Federal Medical Centre Abuja led by the Medical Director Prof Saad Ahmed through the Anaesthesia Department held a 1 Day Airway management and Basic Life Support workshop for all the House officers in the hospital today 15th November 2023.

The Session is expected to widen the knowledge base of the House officers in Airway management and Basic Life Support techniques in line with standard global practices.

The Head of Anaesthesia, Dr. Tunde Olawoye in a special note, appreciated the Medical Director FMC Abuja Prof Saad Ahmed for his support towards the workshop and to the Department times without number.

The training was rounded up with a practical session for the participants.

Obadiah N.K Gana
Public Relations Officer

Medical Director Lauds Medical Indigent Fund Committee: Unveils Promotional Materials

Medical Indigent Fund Committee with The Medical Director
The Medical Director with some members of the Medical Indigent Fund Committee

The Medical Director of Federal Medical Centre Abuja Prof. Saad Ahmed in his situational leadership style today 13th November 2023 received the Medical Indigent Fund Committee led by the Chairman in person of the Deputy Head of Clinical Services (Research and Training) Dr Bioku Muftau.

The Medical Indigent Fund Committee during the visit provided an update on the committee’s activities and unveiled the official jacket and other publication materials aimed at intensifying awareness of the committee’s existence and mission. This initiative aims to promote the committee and bolster its donation collection drive to facilitate the achievement of its noble goals.

Under the leadership of the Chairman Dr. Bioku Muftau, the Medical Indigent Fund Committee has been tirelessly working towards ensuring access to quality medical care for indigent individuals. By providing financial support for medical treatments and procedures, the committee has been instrumental in transforming lives and alleviating the burdens faced by those in need.

During the visit, the committee expressed their gratitude to the Medical Director, Prof. Saad Ahmad, for his unwavering support and cooperation in their endeavor. The Medical Director lauded the committee’s efforts and emphasized the importance of their mission, highlighting the positive impact it has made on the lives of countless patients.

In an effort to increase public knowledge and garner support for their cause, the Medical Director proudly unveiled the Medical Indigent Fund Committee official jacket and other publication materials. The materials are intended to raise awareness and promote the significance of the committee’s work. By wearing the official jacket, committee members aim to be identifiable ambassadors of the Medical Indigent Fund, sparking conversations and encouraging others to contribute towards their donation drive.

Dr. Bioku, Chairman of the Medical Indigent Fund Committee, expressed his sincere appreciation to all the committee members, volunteers, and generous donors who have contributed to the success of their fundraising efforts. He emphasized the critical role that donations play in their ability to offer financial assistance to the medically indigent, and he extended an invitation to the public to join hands in supporting this noble cause.

The Medical Indigent Fund Committee is resolute in its commitment to serving the community and partnering with relevant stakeholders to attain its ambitious goals. With the unveiling of their official jacket and publication materials, they are determined to intensify awareness, boost their donation collection drive, and make a significant impact on the lives of those in need.

For more information on the committee’s activities, ways to donate, and partnership opportunities, kindly Call this number: 08090940821, 08069190878

Infection and Prevention Control Committee (IPCC) Federal Medical Centre Abuja joined the rest of the global community today 5th May 2023 to commemorate World Hand Hygiene Day (WHHD

Infection and Prevention Control Committee (IPCC) Federal Medical Centre Abuja joined the rest of the global community today 5th May 2023 to commemorate World Hand Hygiene Day (WHHD). The event was kicked off with an advocacy visit to Junior Secondary School Kuchigoro Abuja to celebrate and create awareness on hand hygiene among the students. During the period, students were put through washing hand demonstration.

The activities of the event later took shape with an awareness walk within the hospital premises then followed by in door activities at the V.I.P conference hall.

The Chief Medical Director Prof. Saad Ahmed was ably represented by the Head of Deputy Clinical Services Dr Omage Christopher who appreciated the committee for a great work they are doing. He urged everyone to ensure total commitment to clean hand practice always.

The Chairman Infection Prevention and Control (IPCC) Dr. Nkoli Uwaezuoke gave the welcome address. She stressed the need for more intentionally culture of having clean hands always as a measure of staying healthy.

Happy World Hand Hygiene Day 2023.

Gana Obadiah N K
For P.R.O

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